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We are absolutely overwhelmed with your feedback dear ladies on our most recent customer satisfaction survey – it was amazing to receive so much positive and enthusiastic feedback! And so many compliments! Thank you all so much. I’m delighted that so many share in my joy of dance and exercise. Below are a random selection of the comments :))

Question: How do you find the atmosphere of the class?

Excellent” (Zumba Gold student)
Electric” (Zumba Fitness student)
The atmosphere is upbeat and positive without exception everybody is friendly + welcoming” (Zumba Fitness student)
Always positive and enthuastic” (Zumba Gold, Zumba Fitness, Fitsteps, Zumba Sentao student)
Warm, friendly, fun” (Fitsteps student)
Brilliant” (Zumba Gold student)
” Brilliant – such energy!” (Zumba in chairs student)
“Very good friendly groups. Easy to join into any group any time”
Couldn’t be better” (Zumba Gold, Zumba Fitness, Fitsteps student)
Everyone is lovely and your energy and motivation are incredible” (Zumba Fitness, Fitsteps student)
“Fantastic – really positive and uplifting” (Zumba Fitness, Zumba Gold, Fitsteps student)
Fab – esp. as it grows in numbers” ( Zumba Fitness student)
Upbeat + friendly!”(Zumba Fitness student)
” Very good & friendly groups. Easy to join into any group any time” (Zumba Gold, Fitsteps student)
” Love it! Energetic + Positive” (Zumba Gold, Fitsteps student)

 Question: Any additional, insights or comments?

Sveta is very enthusiastic and helps me going on the weeks when I am less motivated to do exercise” (Zumba Fitness student)

” I’m sure it helps my level of fitness. There is that “Feel Good” factor afterwards. Its always a joy to come – thank you Sveta!” (Zumba Gold student)

” I like the flexibility of classes on different days at different places to suit my busy life. Sveta will always try to accommodate our individual levels. She is encouraging without being too pushy” (Zumba Gold & Fitsteps student)

” Keep on being you Sveta. Your Attitude – encouragement, support is wonderful. Your enthusiasm rubs off on all all. Bless you!” (Zumba Gold student)

You made me very welcome and it doesn’t matter what fitness level you are, you’re accepted and don’t feel in way inferior. Really enjoy the music it leaves you with a good feeling at the end. ” (Zumba Gold & Fitsteps student)

” I love the variety of classes available. It’s great that I can attend a different class if I have to miss a regular one. I like that I can do a range of different types of class”. (Zumba Fitness, Zumba Gold, Fitsteps student)

” Just to say thank you for the effort and enthusiasm – it is appreciated by us all” (Fitsteps & Zumba Gold student)

” It is not just a Zumba class. It’s like a social meeting with like minded ladies who want to dance together and keep in shape and look after our bodies. Sveta is not just an instructor, she is an inspiring, motivational, caring person who helps us to help ourselves.” (Zumba Fitness & Zumba Gold student)

” Sveta has energy and I feed off that energy. Making me work “harder” and keep us with her. The music is brilliant and you can feel the rhythm” (Zumba Gold in Chairs)

 Question: What do you like most about our classes?

Well obviously the instructor is spot on and also trying new routines is the most enjoyable. Also a Newsletter is really useful and informative” (Zumba Gold student)

” The non judgemental approach. I feel comfortable in the environment” (Zumba Fitness student)

“Locality, not too packed, great music (variety), instruction cues are both verbal + physical” (Fitsteps student)

The range of dance styles and music. The price is good, and there is a good age range of people.” (Zumba Fitness)

” The teacher Sveta is very helpful and approachable. She is keen to please everybody. We all like how she dances with us. The music is amazing” (Zumba Gold & Fitsteps student)

” You break down moves before routine. You countdown to move ends. You are interested in your clients” (Zumba Gold student)

” The dancing, music, friends + instructor! – always feel energised afterwards!” (Zumba Gold student)

” How friendly, helpful you are, the fun you make it too, also are those who attend are friendly” (Zumba Gold in Chairs)

” The way I feel at the end! Love moving all my body to the music, love the music, the positive attitude of our teacher Sveta”. (Zumba Gold student)

Everything! The way I feel when I’ve finished. Even if I go in feeling tired, I come out feeling better with more energy. I love the music, the structure of the class. I love the way Sveta encourages us. She keeps us going. She reminds you to pull your stomach in, strong arms etc. I love passion too!” (Zumba Fitness)