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piyo 15

On Saturday 15th October 2016 Dancer4Ever held its second PIYO workshop.  Twenty two members had registered and all of us turned up for what was anticipated as being another amazing workshop, put together by Sveta, our favourite teacher.
There was a definite buzz in the hall as we all started arriving and laying out our mats.  The group was a mix of abilities and experience, some attend the regular Monday morning PYIO classes, some had done a little bit before and some were first timers.  This is never a problem, Sveta always ensures she gives us a number of different options so we can all work safely and at our own level.
Unlike Zumba, which has some faster routines and is very much a cardiovascular type exercise, PYIO is a much slower type of exercise programme, being a fusion of palates, yoga and controlled movement but it targets virtually every muscle group in the body.  It works through reparation of slow deliberate movement and the core is definite an essential muscle group throughout the whole session.
Apart from the music playing and Sveta’s instruction there was silence from all participates, as we all concentrated on each of the routines.  Sveta gave various layers of difficulty for some of the more strenuous movements so all of us could safely get the maximum benefit from this unique workshop.  
After concentrating on our arms, legs and glutes Sveta asked us to move to our mats, if we thought this was going to be easier we were mistaken as we moved to press ups.  None of the movements are rushed, all beginning very deliberate and getting the right technique is very important.  Sveta always explained the position we needed and the muscles we needed to ensure we engaged to support us, as usual she was meticulous in ensuring we didn’t injure ourselves but also explaining to us why we should approach the exercise in a certain way.

The session closed after 1 ¼ hours of intense exercise, concluding with some really important stretching exercises.  There was a definite buzz in the room as Sveta closed the session, and we started rolling up our mats.

Sveta then gave each of us a thank you card and one of the Dance4Ever limited addition pens, not to mention  the box of chocolates that were passed round.  What a lovely gesture and so typical of Sveta.

The consensus was definitely that this was an amazing experience and every one of us had enjoyed it even if we were going to have aching legs and bottom muscles the next day, it was going to be a good ache as it would show we had worked hard and reaped the benefits of the class.
I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say “Thanks so much Sveta for yet another amazing workshop”, I wish I could still get to those Monday morning PYIO sessions, I really miss them and the benefits they definitely give my body and I’m sure I’m not alone in this wish.
Please can we have more!!!
Report by Dance4Ever student Janette I.