NEW: In-HALL-Classes are now available to book! Also LiveSTREAM Classes. New students welcome… 

The Dance4Ever Community has been always a massive part of our lives, and I’m sure we all want to stay that way.
Our roots are local, small, independent, and we are on a mission to help you all to be healthier, to feel and look your best.

In these hard times, we find ourselves in, we need each other. We need to have some normality and positive time for our minds to help us get through this. Some time removed from the grief, sadness, and negativity surrounding us.

Our happy, fun, communal classes brought so much joy into our lives, and is the ideal breakaway we all need in this time. So keep joining and supporting us and in return we will bring you fun, exercise, happiness, and a well needed break. But most of all a ray of positivity and a sense of at least a little normality!

We would like to teleport ALL our Dance4Ever students from our local halls and Community Centres and ship you all to our online LIVESTREAM classes to keep that sense of normality and positiveness going, to see us all though this disaster period. To feed your minds, keep your stress levels down, keep you moving and exercising … which will all help keep your immune system high.

We would like to keep serving our students and Dance4Ever Community, and want to keep making sure our students can still succeed in their personal goals online.
Our classes are so much fun for so many, convenient, and will help you feel and look better!
While online brings some changes due to the distancing of the format, mentally we are unchanged and full steam ahead!

These days inside is the new outside.
But we still want to stay healthy and look and feel good, right?
So it’s time to stop thinking about moving and exercising, and start doing it!

To compensate for not being able to get out-and-about, you may even want to try some new additional classes to help you get more activity… especially as no-one can see you learning the new choreography! 🙂

These are our LIVESTREAM class schedule, classes are being added constantly so please keep checking it … click to book …

Personally, I don’t know how I would mentally cope with not being able to get out-and-about (other than the lovely daily husky walks I have), if I couldn’t bring my classes online to you all! So thank you all so much for supporting Dance4Ever!

See you online!