Success Stories

Olga’s Story August 2016

My name is Olga Lucia Salgado. I was born in Cali (Colombia), a city that Colombians know as the “capital of salsa”.
Being Colombian means that I grew up in a culture where dancing is a very important part of life.  Although the country and its people face a lot of challenges related to being…

Success Stories

Janette’s Success Story July 2016

The Difference Between Try and Triumph is Just a Little UMPH! Hi, I’m Janette, I don’t like to think how old I am, age is just a number right and I hate the thought of getting old, so we will pass over that.
I have 3 grown up children, Tasha, who some of you have…

Success Stories

Debbie’s Story June 2016

Hi, I am Debbie – 35 years old.
I have two sons who keep me very busy! I joined Dance4Ever classes 10 month ago, started off with one clas a week, now doing three per week: Zumba, Zumba Toning and Fitsteps plus workshops, which I love.
I have attended 2 workshops so far, both were…

Success Stories

Sue’s Success Story March 2016

 I am not going to start at the beginning,it was so long ago,and there is too much I do not want to remember!
Everyone’s life has it’s ups and downs,mine I would liken to a ride on a roller coaster.
I have had some amazing ups but some dreadful downs. Not a ride I would …

Success Stories

Marjorie’s Story February 2016

My name is Marjorie and I am 75 years old. I went along to Zumba Gold in Chairs class in March last year at Heatherside Community Centre. A member of our local W. I. mentioned it to me, so my friend Jo-Anne and I thought we would give it a go. As we are …

Success Stories

Caroline’s Success Story April 2016

Hello, my name’s Caroline and I first met Sveta in January 2015, when we were studying at Farnborough College for our teacher’s training qualification.  I was a private chef and ran my own catering company with a view to teach cooking in the future.

As Sveta and I got to know each other I learnt …

Success Stories

Lisa’s Success Story May 2016

Nine months on, and I’m still as keen.

Honestly, I haven’t enjoyed exercise as much since the 80’s when I was a young twenty something pounding it out in my trendy fluorescent lycra & Reeboks at ‘step’ classes!
I’ve increased my Dance Forever sessions from two to three per week (PiYo, Zumba Toning & Fitsteps) …

Success Stories

Jo’s Success Story December 2015

Hi, my name is Jo and I’m 35 years old. My love affair with Zumba started last year, on a fun-filled holiday to Mexico. Every day at 4pm on the beach there was a half hour Zumba class and as I lay on my sunlounger on day one getting over the jetlag and slowly working …

Success Stories

Gillan’s Success Story January 2016

Hi my name is Gillian, and here is my story about how and why I’ve ­joined Sveta’s  lovely, inspiring and happy Dance4ever Community.

My neighbour had recently lost her husb­and and we both felt we needed to get ou­t of the house and do something. While walkin­g past Heatherside community hall I no­ticed a poster …

Success Stories

Very moving success story November 2015

This is one of our students Success story…

I have suffered from anxiety and depression since I was 16. I have had several episodes of moderate to severe depression for almost 20 years. As I get older, each bout becomes more difficult to recognise, more severe and longer-lasting. And with each relapse, the likelihood of …