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Hi, I am Gail. I am a military wife, and have recently moved to the area”
With 13 military moves behind me, these words have become tedious; however I’ll start again.

Hi I’m Gail H. An Essex Girl, who is looking forward to eventually going home. I worked in the city for 22 years in the Marine Insurance market. I was that girl who jumped on moving trains and ran up escalators.

Life was good, when in my early thirties, single, and on a whim, I joined the TA. This is what brought me to Deepcut, Surrey and where I met my husband, Denis. As a soldier, I was a ” private Benjamin!” But I did leave Deepcut with a husband and HGV licence.

24 years and two children later I am almost home. My daughter Annabel is in her 3rd year at Oxford Brooks and my son Fraser is in year 2 of civic engineering degree. They both went to boarding school at the age of 11.We have spent too much time apart and my dealing with an empty nest was to join fitness group. Not to mention a job. Since leaving London I’ve had a long lists of all sorts of jobs but I’ll leave that venue to another day. My life has made me obsessed about reading notice boards, news agent’s windows and posters, so imagine my surprise to read a poster on a fence in a Bagshot car park telling me about  Fitsteps class in Bagshot Pavilion. Details scribbled on a scrap of paper I went off to find a map to find the Pavilion.

So once again I made  my way on Friday morning ready with the famous intro ” Hi I’m Gail, etc”
How surprised was I to find there was no dragging equipment out of a storage cupboard. I was welcomed with a bright smile from Sveta who seemed to have a personal hug of every women that walked through the door. The room buzzed with the chit-chat of friendship, and I was soon invited to join in. The class was such fun, at every break so someone would check on how I liked it.

I guess, at this point I should mention that I have for the last 12 years been suffering with Parkinsons.
An illness with many symptoms. I for instance, don’t shake, but I am controlled by medication.  The best way to describe my problem is sub-conscious movement you take for granted does not happen in my world.
I would go to write the normal movement of your arm just isn’t there. I would walk from A to B and notice my arms had stopped swinging which then affects the way you walk. Everything is in slow motion. Its very frustrating.

I have learned to time my medication so that hopefully I am at the peak of their  effect when going to classes, but there are times when I have got it so wrong!
Having enjoyed, and fully taken part in the Fitsteps class, I also found myself leaving with 3 phone numbers of new friends.

I was keen to see what other classes I could attend. PiYo LIVE was perfect. My condition makes you very stiff and the stretching and balance this class involves has helped and I found the remnants of a waist I thought had lost for good.

I was so lucky to find Svetas programme of classes. I tend to pop up here and there to have a go. You may well have encountered me. I am the lady in black who stands at the back and may only be able to march on the spot. But hay ho, I made it to the class.

In my travels I’ve made lots of new friends, and when old friend ask how am I doing, I usually say, ” oh I’ve met new people, but I’d only put them on my Christmas card list, not yet in the address book”.
However, since finding Dance4Ever I can see that I’m looking to have  a considerably bigger address book before I leave Camberley! 

Well I think I’ll leave there. I’ve not once mentioned my trip to the palace to collect my husbands MBE and I’ve managed to avoid referring to the fact I’m 60 in September.
I will, however keep taking meds. There will be a cure in my life time. I will keep on keeping fit until it arrives.