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I am delighted to tell my story and be Aprils 2017 ‘calendar girl’ for this monthly newsletter.

Thankfully, no nudity or cherry tarts will feature in this short story of my journey riding along with the Dance4ever community!

 My trip started 18 months ago when my neighbour asked me to tag along to a dance class she had been to before. With no real rhythm or co-ordination to speak of, I was really not feeling too hopeful as to the outcome. However, not wanting to let them down, I reluctantly dusted off my Lycra, filled my water bottle and attended my first Friday Dance4Ever class.

Loved it!

Sveta and the group were so welcoming and fun, that I decided there and then that this class would definitely have to fit into my weekly routine. Up until now I had dabbled with pricey gym membership and the odd class, but nothing like this had ever grabbed and held my attention and motivation.

It was at the next crossroads on my Dance4ever journey when I decided to attend the Piyo class on a Monday (really no idea of what to expect?!). So, ‘sticky mat’ at the ready, I had now discovered a great place to start off the week, waking up to it stronger with lots of stretches and fluid exercises.

Loved it!

Attending on Mondays and Friday sits well around my role as a freelance Learning and Development Specialist. If I’m not working one week, I may try and squeeze in a cheeky Zumba Gold or Toning as well!

Love it!

I have also attended some of the workshops that Sveta has run. I find she tirelessly injects her enthusiasm and creativity to provide a variety of interesting events and approaches to fitness and general well-being. Her recent Mindfulness session really got me thinking about lifestyle and choices as I grow ‘more mature’.

Loved it!

Suffice to say, I have not only really loved my journey so far, but I have felt the benefits in my general health and fitness and as a smoker for 30 years, quit 7 years ago, that has been an incredible feeling. My flexibility, mobility and energy levels have greatly improved, travelling around the country with work this has made a real difference to me. Plus, I have felt a bit of post-baby toning happening in certain places, I’ve only waited 21 years to tick that box!.

I have found all the members in the classes very friendly, fun and encouraging. I have met some truly lovely people and I hope my journey continues with you all for a long time to come. My mother of 82 joined me recently for a zumba gold and a zumba chairs session and found it amazing, proving there are no age limits to getting fit. Well done Mum!


She loved it too!

We all love it! XX 

Thanks Sveta you are a diamond. XX