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Hello my name is Nigel Crampin and I celebrated my 50th birthday last year with all my family and some friends.

So Why would a youngish man  want to join a group of senior ladies for a Zumba class?

Here is the answer!

I was born with Spina Bifida in the little Frimley hospital back in the day when it was almost unheard of. My mother was a sister there and had nursed a child born with this birth defect who was paralysed from the waist down.

I was immediately christened as I only had a fifty fifty chance of survival  and I was taken to Atkinson Morley Hospital in Wimbledon. 

After surgery on my back at 20-hours old my journey began to where I am today.

My parents were delighted that I had survived and were determined to make me as independent as possible.

Although I was not paralysed I had very week muscles and I had club feet.
After years of hospital visits and treatments and other problems with the condition I was finally able to walk unaided when I was seven.

I learnt to swim and ride a big bike with stabilizers at nine, my father teaching me over many months and I went to the local school. But I didn’t cope very well.

At 11 years old I became a weekly boarder at Lord Mayor Treloar college for disabled children and became more independent.

Gradually over the years after school and working as a disabled person I wanted to try to live on my own. I was slim but not very active and I had learned to drive.
My parents were concerned but encouraged me and I got my own flat.
Life was good and I managed everything but the cooking.
Soon afterwards my father died and gradually over many years of pizzas and takeaways my weight ballooned and my mobility became very difficult .

Me as fat boy now slim 
nigel 2
My mother then encouraged me to go to Slimming World and with her help I lost 6 and a half stone . I was back to my pre flat days’s weight but maintaining it was another thing.

I still didn’t do much exercise and that is important to keep the weight down.
Then one day my mother met Anita who said she went to a sitting down Zumba class at Heatherside on a Monday afternoon.

Fortunately I didn’t work on a Monday, so in May last year feeling very nervous 
I went with my mother to see what it was all about . I was the only man amongst about 15 ladies and the rest is history.

The group leader Sveta was so friendly and encouraging. We were made very welcome.

I have enjoyed going every week since without my mother. She comes along when she is free.

I met a group of very friendly senior ladies whom I feel very comfortable with and they chat with me and help me if I need help. Every one sits and because  I can sit with all the other people I can manage to do the exercises without embarrassment to the very loud music. 

Sveta has organised many extra events and I have been to a tea party at Frimley Hall Hotel and the Chistmas party which were very enjoyable and fun. I really look forward to Monday afternoons seeing Sveta’s wonderful smile and her enthusiasm along with all the lovely ladies which makes my exercise all worthwhile and is helping to keep me fit.

With my wonky legs and poor balance I never thought it would be possible to be doing a dance class. My father would be very proud of me and if only “He Could See me Now” as the song goes.
Thank You Sveta .You are a star.
nigel 3