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Jo-AnneI actually started writing this back in 2015, didn’t complete, so here it goes.

My name is Jo-Anne. Back in the beginning of 2015 with my 70th birthday fast approaching, I decided I needed more physical exercise, other than the walking I already did back in my life, and having always done aerobics / yoga up until moving to Camberley in 2001. Life was busy then decorating our new home, getting to know the area and of course grandchildren being part of the reason for moving.

In 2005 I had a “blip” in my life when I was diagnosed with a breast cancer, so the next three years were taken up with operations, lots of treatments making me very sick and I was tired lots of the time, in the course of my opo. I had all sylph nodes in my right arm, leaving that arm at times very achy and feeling numb.

Anyway life carried on, when back Feb 2015 my friend Marjorie and I saw a flyer at our WI meeting with Sveta’s smiling face on advertising “Zumba Gold in Chairs”. I didn’t feel I could cope with Zumba standing, so decided to give  “Zumba Gold in Chairs” a go. Here I am 18 month on.

Absolutely loving it, seeing Sveta’s happy smile and having her welcome hug every Monday. She make our exercise class such fun along with the physical exercise, I really feel the benefit at the end of our session.

I rarely miss the class except when on holiday. Everyone there is so friendly too, its a great way to spend Monday afternoon. More people should give it a go. I do tell people, even my granddaughter is impressed with what I do.

Thanks Sveta! You are a star!”