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Hi again everyone.  It’s been about a year since I last published my story on the dance4ever newsletter. Over the past year, much has changed in my life with my wedding, my weight loss, and my move to the New Forest in the near future.
It’s going to be so hard to leave the dance4ever family, but hence, life moves on.  I will continue doing Zumba, and hope to find classes that I will enjoy.  Anyway, back to Zumba. 
Over the past year, I decided to lose weight. I bought my wedding dress a size too small when I began so lots of motivation.  I also increased my Zumba classes.  I also started going religiously to PiYo.  In the beginning, I had written that it was a “love/hate” relationship with the class due to the challenge. I must say now, that it’s my favourite class by far. I don’t hate it anymore, just love it.   By doing PiYo, my physical strength has increased, my fitness levels have increased, and it has enhanced my abilities in the other classes, such as Fitsteps, Toning, etc.  I now have changed from Zumba Gold toning to Zumba toning, all due to PiYo.  It’s a tough class, no doubt, but the benefits are far reaching.  I admit I have never done Yoga, but I have done Pilates, which I found boring.  The music in PiYo is motivating and makes the class so enjoyable.  I think all the other PiYo ladies are as addicted to the class as I am.  I have also attended the workshops including Piyo, Sentao, Fitsteps Fab, etc.  By increasing the frequency of my classes from 3 times to 4 times per week and also pushing myself to do the more intense classes such as Fitsteps, has helped move the weight loss along. Losing weight is hard, I know. But no matter what diet you choose, it’s all a simple formula: if you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight.  Therefore, in making that decision to start dieting, I had to break up with my long term boyfriends, Ben and Jerry. It wasn’t easy as we were all so much in love but I had a choice to make. Once I made the choice, nothing was going to stop me. I changed my eating habits, increased my activity level, bought a Fitbit, and started monitoring what I ate against how many calories I was burning. So, I have lost 1.5 stone, about 20 pounds, and my wedding dress fits.  I’m now hoping to maintain the weight loss, which is almost as hard as losing it!! 
 I also need to mention that I am very concerned about osteoporosis and study after study say that low impact and weight bearing exercising is crucial to fight of this condition.
I must also add how proud I am of Sveta.  You might remember that I was in her first Zumba Gold class in Heatherside on Tuesdays.  I have recently gone back to the class and it’s unrecognizable!  So many women. 
What a journey it’s been. 
Sveta has found her niche and she has touched all of us in different ways.  I have found my niche, as well.  I love exercising now and wouldn’t stop for the world.  When I am back this way in Camberley, I will bring my Zumba gear and pop into a class or 2!!  I envy all of you!