NEW: In-HALL-Classes are now available to book! Also LiveSTREAM Classes. New students welcome… 

moHi, my name is Mo and my journey with Dance4Ever began a year ago, in January 2016.

Back in the 1980’s, I was one of the many young mums who joined aerobics classes – leotard clad (impossible if you wanted to go to the loo) leg warmers, sweat bands etc; all budding Jane Fondas – I always loved the dance routines and the music. 

Then, when the children were older I went back to work.  Life was hectic with taxi service for three sons to every type of sport, scouts, athletics etc. I certainly had no time for aerobics. Time went on and so did the weight.

Fast forward to late 2015 and I decided to retire a year early.  I was conscious of the fact that I would need to make space for some “me time” and quite by chance met someone who recommended a Dance4ever Zumba Gold class; wow, how lucky was that…. no going back!

My first experience of Sveta was at Bagshot Pavilion on a Wednesday afternoon and her totally fabulous personality, smile and enthusiasm had me hooked.  The other “ladies” were all very friendly and obviously loved Zumba Gold; I never once felt self-conscious even when I got it totally wrong. After a couple of sessions a few of them recommended Fitsteps which I tried and also loved. 

Then from there I started PIYO which I wasn’t sure of at first but grew to love it too. I also do Zumba Gold Toning (with stickies as Sveta calls them) – I have really noticed my arms are a lot firmer; my bingo wings are much improving.  Overall, I feel generally more toned (I don’t weigh myself any more after a falling-out with the scales, but my clothes feel a lot more comfortable) and the diversity of classes adds to the overall enjoyment.

Of course, Dance4Ever isn’t just about dance/exercise classes it’s a whole social experience. Sveta organises so many workshops and social events, every one of which are brilliant (the Christmas event was made extra special by Sveta performing an absolutely beautiful ballet dance, quite stunning)
 She puts so much work into all her activities and even takes the time to hand write individual notes to everyone who attends.

I’ve met so many lovely people and enjoyed everything that Sveta has organised and am now looking forward to her latest expertise – DDMIX ! 

Keeping fit has never been so varied and so much fun – there is certainly something to suit everyone’s taste.  Not only do I feel fitter but my general co-ordination and balance are so much better.

The motto for Dance4ever should be “Life is better if you dance with Sveta”!