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Dance where do I start ! well here goes.

I started ballet at the age of four, it was because of the dress and the lovely fluffy bolero and of course the pink shoes, this only lasted for a year in the co-op village hall where I lived. Did not dance much after that as a young girl, but in my teenage years it was parties, never eating any of the food that was provided, just dancing away to the music mostly on my own.

Then going out to work I could afford to go clubbing, many miles away the orchid ballrooms in Purley. Dancing until 2.00 in the morning.

After having our son James I felt I needed to get out more, so I signed up for American tap classes, got to grip with the shuffle ball change ! We performed in many shows in and around Camberley area . We had a male teacher who still remains a good friend to this day.

While still tapping a new craze swept through Camberley area called line dancing !

This was good music up to date country and western music it was all very good, danced from 7.30 – 11.30 pm four nights a week, I did this for about 10 years or more, but then line dancing became a bit disco and sparkle, so it became clear that I had also out grown line dancing and had given up tap.

So for a good few years not a dance step to be done. Nearly two years ago I bumped into Bernadette in town, she asked me if I would be interested in Zumba gold, with a new instructor Sveta to start in the new year, so along I went, and the rest as they say is history. I attend three classes a week 2 Zumba gold and fit steps classes.

Since becoming Part of Dance4ever team I have made new friends, such as being invited to Judie’s wedding in Vermont USA in October. It was an honour to be with Judie and Nigel and to be part of her lovely family, thank you Judie.

I have attended many events such as a garden party demo, bowling, afternoon tea, coffee mornings, Bollywood and many other social events Sveta has successfully organised . All these activities have improved my physical and social wellbeing.  Without attending all these events there would be a big void in my life. I hope to continue this well into my 70s and beyond, that will make Sveta into her 40-50s long may it continue. I am so pleased to be part of Sveta’s family. All are catered for with Sveta’s care and understanding, with her warm and gifted talent for instructing us in all the fantastic moves to the music.

Thank you Sveta, we will not let you GO.
Bol’shoye vam spasibo za vash tyazhelyy trud I entuziamzm vy . Yavlyayetes’
chast’ yu moyey povsednevnog mnogikh boleye dney mesyatsev let
Vpered. Mnogikh lyubvi k vam lvonna X